We desire to see the good news of Jesus transform lives in our church, in our community, and throughout the world.


We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just the beginning or “A, B, C’s” of Christianity, it has to do with all of the Christian life. The gospel is the “A to Z” of Christianity. God’s love and faithfulness in Christ is built on His grace towards us, and is our ultimate source of hope. We desire to see this truth continue to transform our own lives, the lives of those we see in the community, and the lives touched through missions around the world. And all of it is for God’s glory!


Our values can be summarized in three words that reflect core truths found in God’s Word: Know, Grow, and Show. We believe these are true for not just Christ Presbyterian Church, and not just our denomination, but the entire body of Christ.


The gospel finds its center in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, and in His life, death and resurrection, we see God’s great love, grace and faithfulness to restore us to relationship with Himself! Our desire as a church is to know God better: to celebrate our relationship with God by both knowing about Him through looking to His Word, and knowing Him personally through worship, prayer, and fellowship.


The gospel speaks to not only enjoying a restored relationship with God (the vertical), but also a relationship with each other (the horizontal). A way we celebrate our relationship with God in Christ is by seeking to know and love one another. As God grows us in Christ, he brings us closer together. We seek to be a community that grows in Christ together by being the body of Christ for each other. This means being in each other’s lives not just on Sunday, but throughout the week, both in the “normal”times, as well as times of lament, need, celebration, and joy.


The gospel is not meant to be a secret. As we celebrate knowing God and growing together in Christ, our desire is for others to know Him, too. The Body of Christ is bigger than our church, and it is one filled with people from every race, every nation, and every socioeconomic group. We seek to be on mission for Christ in our immediate relationships in Newnan area, as well as around the world through missions in both the missionaries we support and the mission trips we take.

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